Sight For All Brand TVC

Produced by Urtext Films, for Sight For All

When presented with the opportunity to make a commercial featuring Sight For All’s work in South East Asia, we wanted to move away from what one would come to expect from such content. In an increasing world of oversaturation from charitable calls to action, we wanted to have a commercial that was entirely positive – that celebrates sight in all its glory.

The resulting shoot is a series of images from Myanmar and Cambodia, where Sight For All works to end curable blindness. The sequence moves through the colour spectrum – sometimes the images are epic and grand, and sometimes they are of a small detail. All are an important element of what makes up the things we see every day.

These countries are very difficult to live in; the beauty of their world is something everyone has a right to experience. We wanted to create a commercial that made people reflect on what it means to have sight, and to give to those that don’t.

You can find out more about Sight For All at sightforall.org

for Urtext Films:
Director, Cinematographer & Editor – Matthew Salleh
Producer and Sound – Rose Tucker

A 30 second version of the TVC was also produced.