Meet our friendly locals in Adelaide, South Australia

Produced by Urtext Films, for the South Australian Tourism Commission

We were approached by the South Australian Tourism Commission, following the success of our You Gotta Try… series, to create a series of internet commercials specifically for the Malaysian market.

Tourism content for specific markets can be tricky; often, production companies produce work that can only be described as ‘cheesy’, and lacking an understanding of what appeals to a specific foreign audience. We worked hard with SA Tourism to make sure that the commercial would resonate with the South-East Asian market, emphasising a lot of innocent fun, softer adventure, and a love of food and nature. The process became an intersection of SATC’s in-depth market research, and our own creative understanding of the region.  The commercial also took into consideration many cultural sensitivites.

The commercial has had incredible play on YouTube, with over 350,000 hits, and also played on a giant outdoor digital billboard in Bangsar, an upmarket area in Kuala Lumpur.

for Urtext Films:
Directed, Shot & Edited by Matthew Salleh
Produced & Sound by Rose Tucker

Camera Assistant: Finley McNeilage

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