Urtext Films is based in Brooklyn, New York, but also has a continued production presence in Adelaide, Australia.


New York City, USA
phone (international): +1-(646)-465-3045
phone (usa): (646)-465-3045

email: rose@urtextfilms.com


Adelaide, Australia
phone (international): +61 413 741 744
phone (australia): 0413 741 744

email: rose@urtextfilms.com

Links to other Urtext pages:
Urtext on facebook: www.facebook.com/urtextfilms
Urtext on vimeo: www.vimeo.com/urtext

Work experience enquiries:
Please note that we are currently not undertaking work experience opportunities with Urtext Films. We have an ongoing relationship with Flinders University (South Australia) to provide occasional semester long internships to a 3rd year or Honours year student.